When Leah Norwood finds the body of Brandy Perez in a pickup parked outside a house for sale, she is once again drawn into the hunt for a killer. Brandy was a party girl with a questionable reputation. She dated a lot of different men including local bad-boy Marcus Cantono. At the time of her death, Brandy claimed to be in a relationship with a wealthy businessman, and there are only a few men in Reed Hill who fit that description.

Marcus is already dealing with vandals trying to close down his restaurant, his mother’s sixty-fifth birthday party, and family members restarting their drug dealing operation. He doesn’t need lead murder suspect added to the list. The evidence against him is strong, and Leah’s snooping soon makes her a target. She’s determined to help Marcus while trying to keep her relationship with the sexy chief of police intact.

Leah loves a good mystery. Can she find the killer before the killer finds her?


Wiping the tears from my face, I took a deep breath and told him everything. He already knew most of it, but I told him what Marcus had said about his clothes. I told him what Arabella and Autumn had told me about Brandy, and what Mike had said about the damage to the restaurants. I even told him what Daniel had said.
“I didn’t think about talking to the older generation,” Griggs said. “We’ve spoken to Brandy’s friends and employees, but we haven’t looked that far in the past.”
“I really didn’t think about it. I was just talking to Daniel.”
“Who else is on your list?”
“What?” I asked innocently.
Griggs rolled his eyes. “Who else are you planning to speak with?”
I shrugged. “I found a few names on her social media pages, and I thought I would talk to Heidi Parker.”
“Why?” Griggs asked.
He knew Heidi. Being the mayor’s wife, he had a lot of interaction with her. She complained about everything. She had complained to me about one of my products, and she had filed more than one complaint to the police department which was why I wasn’t surprised she had shown up on Brandy’s page as the one person not satisfied with her cleaning service. Her complaints were never life-threatening, but Griggs had to have someone check each of her grievances which took up manpower he didn’t have to spare.
“She gave Brandy’s cleaning service a two-star review. It had been one-star, but she changed it after Brandy replaced the item Heidi claimed was stolen. I don’t like her very much, but she doesn’t lie.”
Griggs rubbed a hand across his face. “No, but she reports the most ridiculous things. Once she said she smelled urine in her flower bed so she wanted us to set up a sting operation to catch whoever was peeing in her yard.”
“Oh my God,” I said with a giggle. “Did you?”
“Cisneros needed some overtime work so I had him sit outside her house a couple of nights.”
“It was a stray cat.”
“I bet that didn’t go over well.”
“No. Heidi didn’t believe us until Cisneros showed her the video he took with his phone. The damn cat walked by three times each night and lifted his leg right in front of her petunias.”